JP Steede here from Steede Motor Group Limited, based in the Old Connolly Sports Building in Loughgeorge, Claregalway Co. Galway.

Steede Motor Group Ltd was established in January of 2020. This year will be remembered for a lot of different reasons to a lot of different people. I will mostly remember it as the year I started trading as an Independent Dealer with the aim of supplying quality New and Used vehicles to the general public. My business model is to supply vehicles that meet the needs and wants of the client. My job is to assemble all the information including budget, colour, drivetrain etc. and look to source the best vehicle that fits all the aforementioned criteria. Gaining the trust of the client from our first Phone Call or Face to Face meeting to handing over their new vehicle is what is most enjoyable and building up a good Customer Relationship along the way.

I have gained valuable knowledge in my 20 years in the Motoring Industry and I have a lot of people to thank for shaping me into who I am today and in what way I deem best to run my business. During my time in the industry I have had various roles in different aspects of a Motor Dealership… in the Parts Departments (Ford Main Dealership and Toyota Main Dealership) Service Department (Firststop) and then through Sales (Nissan Main Dealership, Jaguar and Land Rover Main Dealership and BMW Main Dealership). Steede Motor Group Ltd is designed to make purchasing a new vehicle a more straight forward and enjoyable experience, removing the stereotype of the unfriendly Car Dealership tag. Steede Motor Group has earned a reputation for supplying quality vehicles for its clients along with diligent customer care.